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"Many thanks for this opportunity. In this context I was very grateful to be able to be in contact with people so dedicated to their practice. Hope-giving and super-energizing for us to jump on the mat." - C. Minetto

"I must say that I loved these days, I needed inspiration, and having Lu as a teacher was the best inspiration I could ask for, I loved every minute, every word, every teaching!" - I. Sousa

"To be part of this workshop has been like a present to me. Even if it could not be in person, it has been equally inspiring. Her precious energy and her depth of knowledge has proven to trespass computer screens. Thank you always LU!! And thank you PadmaWorld for making it possible." - A. Pita

"Thank you very much for this wonderful workshop. I enjoyed it a lot." - B. Macias


The workshop with Lucia came to an end; the event was very beautiful. We have enjoyed it and learned a lot. Lu is lively and passionate about studying yoga. For life; and for the care of others. No stereotypes, judgments or false modesty. We have all loved her simple way of teaching and her way of speaking through the heart. It has taught us, according to my point of view, that living yoga can be a set of small details that come from a deep desire to know yourself, to grow as a person; to awaken the best within ourselves. That it is not simple, although very possible; with discipline, and especially with love and dedication. I leave you with a little of what has stayed in my heart.. Loose phrases, impressions and words to reflect on. These were just small fragments of everything that we lived with Lu these 4 days. Much to think, feel and explore within our practice and within ourselves. I have no words that can make judge to the gratitude I feel. This is the hour of the hug. Thank you very much Lu!

  • "In the yoga journey, you go from being a person to being a presence." At this moment she spoke to us of being present in every movement, asana, thought.
  • "Purusha (our true self) is free; when purusha is imprisoned it is because it is attached to prakriti (material)." Lu, about the yoga sutras.
  • "Yoga helps break the cycle that we live in beliefs and patterns; the cycle of life and death."
  • "Yoga must support our life. Our practice must be harmonized at the moment we are living." On the intensity of the practice; family, pain ...
  • "Looking at what we have strengthens us much more than looking at what others have." About valueing our qualities. All our achievements and talents. And look less at the neighbor.
  • "Questioning oneself strengthens. Doubt, doesn´t." By questioning, we let into our lives everything that favors us and we let go off what does us no good; she concluded.
  • "The mind softens through our surrender."
  • "The best thing about your practice is not to find perfection; it is when you get to be present in each posture."
  • "Yoga occurs when we are off the mat." Surely you've heard this before; we learn with repetition :-)
  • "The yogi is the one who manages to maintain balance; neither sleep too much nor too little; nor eat too little or too much." Many of us have already heard about the middle path, right? It seems a little less difficult when it is put like this in a more practical way!?
  • "Spirituality is within life, in daily life; when we insert small rituals in our day; we have small moments in which to connect with the divine."
  • "Everything we do with a good purpose has the power to transform."
  • "Meditation is not something you do; it is something that happens."