Privacy notice

For any doubt, question or complaint, please contact us. You'll find our contact information in

¿What data do we collect from our users?

We only collect the data provided by our users when they fill in and submit any of our forms. We have 2 types of forms:

¿Why do we collect this data and what use do we make of it?

To be able to answer your questions, to be able to inform you of news about PadmaWorld classes and events, and to be able to register event reservations and manage such events. We'll never use your data for other goals but those.

¿How do we store your data?

We store it using Google Forms system. This means that your data is protected inside our Google account. Only those with the credentials of our team will be able to access the data. For more information about Google's privacy policy, visit:

¿Can you claim your data or ask us to delet it?

Yes. You can exercise your rights as stated in the General Data Protection Regulation (, which include, among others: access your data, correct your data and delete your data. To execute any of those actions, please contact us. You'll find our contact information in