Online classes

These classes are live and are designed to to accompany your process through the path of yoga without the need of leaving your home. You can choose between group classes or private classes.

The classes are imparted through the videoconference app ZOOM. It's free and you can use it from any computer, tablet or phone. Thus, you'll need one of these devices with a camera and an internet connection, as well as some space to extend your yoga mat. Before the class, the teacher will pass you a link to enter the conference room. Group classes have limited attendance, so that the teacher can give attention to all students.

In group classes, the teacher is carefully observing all students, correcting their postures and guiding their practice.

In private classes, you have all the teacher's attention, who will adapt the class to your needs and answer your questions.

Have a look at our timetable and prices! To participate in our classes, you only need to contact us. We offer a FREE discovery class (it's private, 30-minutes-long and online), so that you get to know the teacher and her method, and have the chance to ask any questions. Arrange your discovery class now :-) we're eager to meet you!